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Artist Born For The Green Movement

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Florida Red worms,Florida Red Worms,Red worms Red Worms. Updated 2/21/2018

Thank you for your interest in  Red Worms. We are a  Worm Farm  that specializing in a native Red worm to the U.S.  Vermicomposting with native  Worms is a safe composting approach.  Worms are great for turning your food left … Continue reading

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Redworms.Updated 4/7/2019

Redworms We sell a Florida Redworm that is native to Florida. We ship by size of Redworm,which are large. On the average is 350 worms to a pound. The reason why we don’t ship by thousands or use this term … Continue reading

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Fletcher Ave Tampa Florida. Updated January 22 2014

Fletcher Ave Tampa Florida TAMPA, Fla. – Have you ever seen the building on the corner of Fletcher and I-75 with a bunch of buoys strung everywhere? MY FOX TAMPA BAY Fletcher and 75 Fletcher and I-75,Fletcher and I-75 Tampa, … Continue reading

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Famous Key West Hippie Bags

Famous Key West Hippie Bags PLEASE CALL ON LARGE ORDERS 813 770 4794,ask for HongkongwillieWe are located at   12212 morrisbridge road ,Tampa Florida 33637    OUR ADDRESS IS 12212 MORRISBRIDGE ROAD TAMPA FLORIDA 33637 Look for us at Interstate 75 … Continue reading

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Famous art Story

Green Art Gallery Famous art Story Alexa ranks it among 17 top sites in the’s site description. Updated March 28  2011 Tampa Art Galleries Hong Kong Willie Reuse Artist. Artist of the 60’s in the now. Acclaimed Famous Florida … Continue reading

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Marlin of The Wind. Updated June 1 2014

Marlin of The Wind This Art offered for Sale. Price $25,000 usd. Contact Hongkongwillie @ or Call 813 770 4794 Hong Kong Willie Reuse Artist.Florida Green reuse Art. Acclaimed Famous Florida folk artist, Living the Life of using objects … Continue reading

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I-75 and Fletcher,I-75 +and +Fletcher Ave+ Exit 266+ Tampa +Florida . Updated 7/13/2018.

I-75 and Fletcher,I-75 +and +Fletcher Ave+ Exit 266+ Tampa +Florida. Hong Kong Willie Reuse Artist located at I-75 and Fletcher . . Acclaimed Famous Florida folk artist, Living the Life of using objects for many uses. Follow the travels of … Continue reading

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Green Artist. Updated May 9 2013

Green Artist   CALL US,  WE ARE HERE.   ASK FOR    HONG KONG WILLIE. 813 770 4794 Artist Born for the Green Movement. Hong Kong Willie Green  Artist. Artist of the 60’s in the now. Acclaimed Famous Florida Green … Continue reading

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Famous People Florida, Famous+ People+ Florida. Updated July 22 2014

Famous People Florida Business more than kitsch,Famous People Florida,Hongkongwillie NORTH TAMPA —Passers-by traveling south on Interstate 75 at Fletcher Avenue might wonder: ‘What’s up with the lobster buoys?’Strings of the colorful floats adorn Hong Kong Willie, a roadside business with … Continue reading

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