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Japan SEARCH ENGINES. Updated March 16 2011 Reuse artist. Hong Kong Willie.Famous Search Engine Reuse Artist. Artist of the 60’s in the now. Acclaimed Famous Florida folk artist, Living the Life of using objects for many uses. Follow the travels … Continue reading

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Google,Yahoo,Msn,Dogpile,Baidu,Twitter,Facebook,My Space,Bing, It all started on a landfill in Tampa.Hongkongwillie (joe brown) living on a landfill,(county dump) on gun hwy Tampa Florida. Updated September 13 2010 Hong Kong Willie Reuse Artist. Artist of the 60’s in the now. Acclaimed Famous … Continue reading

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Hongkongwillie Art in HONG KONG.

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NetEase,Tencent , Baidu,,, and, Hong Kong Willie. Updated March 23 2011 Artist Born for this time, Lived on a landfill as a child. Reuse Became the way of life. To read the story from the inception of … Continue reading

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Hippie Bracelet, Famous Reuse Artist.

Hippie Bracelet. Famous Etsy Shop Hongkongwillie Updated March 16 2011 Handmade Hippie baseball bracelet. Recovered Game-Used Baseballs and Wool Yarn used throughout Hong Kong Willie art pieces, here applied to a retro-cool green bracelet. Rustic, yet explanatory the wearer may … Continue reading

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