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Hongkongwillie,Hong Kong Willie Videos

Hongkongwillie, Hong Kong Willie Videos Updated May 21  2012 Artist Born for this time, Lived on a landfill as a child. MY FOX TAMPA BAY Watching the Paint ,a Great exploding of Colors from the truck hit the pit. What … Continue reading

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Google Car,Google advertisments,Google adds

Hongkongwillie uses Google on Back of Hongkongwillie Art car. It Says Google Hongkongwillie. As Hongkongwillie goes Down the road he can see the counter go up. This marketing strategy works very well. As you can see on Hongkongwillie’s twitter the … Continue reading

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Can you Help make The Story of Hongkongwillie go viral.

Can you Help make The Story of Hongkongwillie go viral. Updated March 24 2011 Artist Born for the Green Movement. It all started on a landfill in Tampa. Landfills are forever, like massive coffee percolators. This is the reason we … Continue reading

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Google Car , Google Will Rearrange the World.

Google Will Rearrange the World.

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Google Hong Kong Willie,Bing Hong Kong Willie,Search Engines

Look for Hong Kong Willie On Bing ,Look For Hong Kong Willie On Google. Tampa Art Gallery USF INTERVIEW. Updated March 11 2011 Artist Born for this time, Lived on a landfill as a child. Reuse Became the way … Continue reading

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Burlap Bag New York. Updated 8/13/2018

Burlap Bag New York. Used Burlap Coffee Bags.49 cents each in orders of 25 or More. $1.00 each under 25. No Shipping on the slit Bags,Pick up only These bags are not Craft Quality,they are slit at top and some … Continue reading

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Twitpic, Twitter, "Hong Kong Willie Google Car","Google car" Car

“Hong Kong Willie Google Car 35,00 views in two “2” days on Twitpic and Twitter. Google Hong Kong Willie. Updated February 17 2011 Look on Bing for Hong Kong Willie WILL YOU EVER ForGet The Name HONG KONG WILLIE. World … Continue reading

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